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storing time stamp in a csv file

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Muhammad Haziq
Muhammad Haziq on 1 Mar 2019
Commented: Muhammad Haziq on 1 Mar 2019
I am using matlab with arduino so the senerio is I have two buttons connected with arduino so when ever I press button 1. I want to store time in a csv file. but when ever I press button two other csv file is generated again continously storing button 1 time stamps. can any body help me?


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Muhammad Haziq
Muhammad Haziq on 1 Mar 2019
The time is the PC current time which I can take from this command (datevec(now)).
for second question actually I have a recording time period of 5 minutes let say this is my trial duration. now when ever I pressed button 2 a new csv file is open (let assume name of file is rec_0) and in that file I will write down time stamps which I have take from button 1 after recording time (5 minutes) finished I will generate a low signal from button 2 this will close the file(rec_0) now the program is continously reading input from button 2 whenever button 2 becomes high it will generate a new file named (rec_1) and it will record time stamps from button 1. This will go on continously in a while loop.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 1 Mar 2019
Is it important that the timestamps be written to the file as soon as button 1 is pushed, or could they be accumulated in memory and not written until button 2 is pushed?
Does anything else need to get written into the file?
Muhammad Haziq
Muhammad Haziq on 1 Mar 2019
Yes as soon button 1 is pressed time stamps will be written in file no other thing is written.

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