Simulink IO for customized Arduino block in Normal Mode

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yuanyi wu
yuanyi wu on 2 Mar 2019
Commented: yuanyi wu on 25 Jun 2019
I have a question regarding the Simulink IO for Arduino model in Normal mode (Link). I wonder whether this feature will support the custom driver block? I know we can use s-function to access extra hardware resource on an Arduino Board in External Mode. However, if I am using the Normal mode with Simulink IO, is it possible to customize the IO server run on the Arduino board?
As an example, I want to implement the OneWire Protocol and read the temperature from a DS18B20 sensor. Since the OneWire block is not implemented in the Arduino support for Simulink package, I would like to create a block by myself with C++ codes. This block will work well in External mode where it run on the Arduino target. I wonder whether it is possible to run the model on my PC, but read the data from the hardware using Simulink IO function?
Thank you

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Pradeep KS
Pradeep KS on 10 Apr 2019
Hi Yuanyi,
Follow the below mentioned link to enable Simulink IO for custom driver block.
This is available starting from R2019a release.
yuanyi wu
yuanyi wu on 25 Jun 2019
Oops! Sorry I didn't realize I clicked flag. I apologize for that.

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