How can I run Webapp server in silent mode?

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Udo Schröder
Udo Schröder on 5 Mar 2019
Answered: Len Kranz on 25 Mar 2020
I've already asked in the community section but had no response up to now:
I am currently setting up Matlab WebApp server on a CentOS7 server. Everything runs well. The WebApp server is running and I can deploy apps and access them from other desktop machines in the LAN.
But now I want to integrate the WebApp server in systemd service. For this I need to be able to start the WebApp server in silent mode with no GUI. Is this somehow possible? Or are there other possibilities?
Currently I have to be logged-in the server to keep the WebApp service running.
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Udo Schröder
Udo Schröder on 19 Mar 2019
At least it would be nice if this is in principle possible or not.

Udo Schröder
Udo Schröder on 16 Apr 2019
Has the new version R2019a come with a solution? Is there any work on this topic?

Udo Schröder
Udo Schröder on 13 May 2019
* up*
Still waiting for a response.

Len Kranz
Len Kranz on 25 Mar 2020
is there already a solution to this problem?
I'm facing the same issue.
Kind regards

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