There is no ZColorMode_I property on the Axes class

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Jean-Michel Rousseau
Jean-Michel Rousseau on 5 Mar 2019
Commented: K W on 18 Jun 2019
I tried to run again an old function of mine which print figures with the cm respect but ... things have change (and specialy the print function).
When I try to send my figure to the printer with the command:
s=sprintf('print -dwin -f%i',fig.Number);
The printer print a wrong scaled figure and 'lasterr' contain this message:
Error using
There is no ZColorMode_I property on the Axes class.
and I can't understand this error code.
Someone have an idea?
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K W on 18 Jun 2019
This error cropped up for me too (see link below), it is impossible to do any root cause analysis on this! I hope MATLAB improves on this soon.

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