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How to get harmonic distortion measurements from spectrum analyzer block within Simulink?

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Danyang Zhang
Danyang Zhang on 6 Mar 2019
Commented: Danyang Zhang on 6 Mar 2019
I need to work on the harmonic distortion measurements and then deploy the simulink model to Android device. I can use getMeasurementsData in matlab code, but how do I do this in Simulink since matlab code cannot be deployed to Android?


Danyang Zhang
Danyang Zhang on 6 Mar 2019
Hi Sutanu Maiti,
To use dsp.SpectrumAnalyzer function in Matlab function block, I need to call it as extrinsic, but it shows error 'The extrinsic function ... is not available for standalone code generation'. Could you please suggest me how to solve this problem?

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