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adding legend that is comes from a variable

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I have a variable that looks like this:
eta = [0.4843 0.3927];
Note that I access both of these later in a loop.
How can I create a legend after my plot command to automatically make the first one the first eta entry (0.4843) and the second line in the plot to be the second eta entry (0.3928)? How can I do this dynamically so that it is automated if I change the values in eta or if I make it have more numbers?
Benjamin on 6 Mar 2019
Currently, I have no legend. I could create a legend like:
but how can I make it so that the legend just reads in the eta variable?

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Accepted Answer

dpb on 6 Mar 2019
LEGEND() requires text, not numeric data for the legend text...
hL=legend(num2str(eta(:),'%.4f')); % salt format string to taste...
NB: must orient eta as column vector to not run the strings together horizontally all into one...

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