How do features from 'license' correspond to names from 'ver'

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This is the best information I had available as of May 2019.
Many of the codes used by ver() are missing as I do not have all products available for installation. Historical information is not always present.
The first column is the formal name of the product such as it shows up in ver(). It is not uncommon for Mathworks to rebrand a product.
The second column is the name of the product as it appears in license files. It would be those names that you would use with the license() command, such as |license('test', 'Audio_System_Toolbox') . It is rare for Mathworks to change a license code -- only when the license model itself changes such as Polyspace as of R2019a. When toolboxes get merged, one of the license codes is retained. The license code is the best way to follow products through historical releases.
The third column is the name of the product used by ver(). For example, ver('audio'). It is often the same as the name of the major sub-directory that the product is installed into. The ver code typically stays the same as products are rebranded, even if the installation directory moves. The installation directory mostly stays the same as products get rebranded, but tends to move as products get merge, and sometimes eventually changes after a rebrand. Historically, the code used by ver has typically matched the URL used in the documentation of the product, such as the Global Optimization Toolbox documentation being underneath /help/gads where gads is the ver code (the original product name was Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox, GADS)
licver_info = {
'5G Toolbox' 'MATLAB_5G_Toolbox' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Aerospace Blockset' 'Aerospace_Blockset' 'aeroblks'
'Aerospace Toolbox' 'Aerospace_Toolbox' 'aero'
'Antenna Toolbox' 'Antenna_Toolbox' 'antenna'
'Audio System Toolbox' 'Audio_System_Toolbox' 'audio'
'Automated Driving Toolbox' 'Automated_Driving_Toolbox' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'AUTOSAR Blockset' 'AUTOSAR_Blockset' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Bioinformatics Toolbox' 'Bioinformatics_Toolbox' 'bioinfo'
'Communications System Toolbox' 'Communication_Toolbox' 'comm'
'Computer Vision System Toolbox' 'Video_and_Image_Blockset' 'vision'
'Control System Toolbox' 'Control_Toolbox' 'control'
'Curve Fitting Toolbox' 'Curve_Fitting_Toolbox' 'curvefit'
'DSP System Toolbox' 'Signal_Blocks' 'dsp'
'Data Acquisition Toolbox' 'Data_Acq_Toolbox' 'daq'
'Database Toolbox' 'Database_Toolbox' 'database'
'Datafeed Toolbox' 'Datafeed_Toolbox' 'datafeed'
'Deep Learning Toolbox' 'Neural_Network_Toolbox' 'nnet'
'DO Qualification Kit' 'Qual_Kit_DO' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Econometrics Toolbox' 'Econometrics_Toolbox' 'econ'
'Embedded Coder' 'RTW_Embedded_Coder' 'embeddedcoder'
'Filter Design HDL Coder' 'Filter_Design_HDL_Coder' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Financial Instruments Toolbox' 'Fin_Instruments_Toolbox' 'fininst'
'Financial Toolbox' 'Financial_Toolbox' 'finance'
'Fixed-Point Designer' 'Fixed_Point_Toolbox' 'fixedpoint'
'Fuzzy Logic Toolbox' 'Fuzzy_Toolbox' 'fuzzy'
'Global Optimization Toolbox' 'GADS_Toolbox' 'globaloptim'
'GPU Coder' 'GPU_Coder' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'HDL Coder' 'Simulink_HDL_Coder' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'HDL Verifier' 'EDA_Simulator_Link' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Image Acquisition Toolbox' 'Image_Acquisition_Toolbox' 'imaq'
'Image Processing Toolbox' 'Image_Toolbox' 'images'
'Instrument Control Toolbox' 'Instr_Control_Toolbox' 'instrument'
'LTE Toolbox' 'LTE_Toolbox' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'LTE HDL Toolbox' 'LTE HDL Toolbox' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'MATLAB' 'MATLAB' 'general'
'MATLAB Coder' 'MATLAB_Coder' 'matlabcoder'
'MATLAB Compiler' 'Compiler' 'compiler'
'MATLAB Compiler SDK' 'MATLAB_Builder_for_Java' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'MATLAB Parallel Server' 'MATLAB_Distrib_Comp_Engine' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'MATLAB Production Server' 'MATLAB_Production_Server' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'MATLAB Report Generator' 'MATLAB_Report_Gen' 'rptgen'
'Mapping Toolbox' 'MAP_Toolbox' 'map'
'Mixed-Signal Blockset' 'Mixed_Signal_Blockset' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Model-Based Calibration Toolbox' 'MBC_Toolbox' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Model Predictive Control Toolbox' 'MPC_Toolbox' 'mpc'
'Neural Network Toolbox' 'Neural_Network_Toolbox' 'nnet' %renamed to Deep Learning
'OPC Toolbox' 'OPC_Toolbox' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Optimization Toolbox' 'Optimization_Toolbox' 'optim'
'Parallel Computing Toolbox' 'Distrib_Computing_Toolbox' 'distcomp' %e.g., local parfor, gpu -- not the server. newer releases ver('parallel')
'Partial Differential Equation Toolbox' 'PDE_Toolbox' 'pde'
'Phased Array System Toolbox' 'Phased_Array_System_Toolbox' 'phased'
'Polyspace Bug Finder' 'Polyspace_BF' '<unknown>' %newer flex name %needs ver code
'Polyspace Bug Finder' 'PolySpace_Bug_Finder' 'psbugfinder' %older flex name
'Polyspace Bug Finder' 'PolySpace_Bug_Finder_Engine' 'psbugfinder' %older flex name
'Polyspace Bug Finder Server' 'Polyspace_BF_Server' '<unknown>' %newer flex name %needs ver code
'Polyspace Code Prover' 'PolySpace_Server_C_CPP' 'pscodeprover' %older flex name
'Polyspace Code Prover' 'Polyspace_CP' '<unknown>' %newer flex name %needs ver code
'Polyspace Code Prover Server' 'Polyspace_CP_Server' '<unknown>' %newer flex name %needs ver code
'Powertrain Blockset' 'Powertrain_Blockset' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Predictive Maintenance Toolbox' 'Pred_Maintenance_Toolbox' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Reinforcement Learning Toolbox' 'Reinforcement_Learn_Toolbox' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'RF Blockset' 'RF_Blockset' 'rfblks'
'RF Toolbox' 'RF_Toolbox' 'rf'
'Risk Management Toolbox' 'Risk_Management_Toolbox' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Robotics System Toolbox' 'Robotics_System_Toolbox' 'robotics'
'Robust Control Toolbox' 'Robust_Toolbox' 'robust'
'Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox' 'Sensor_Fusion_and_Tracking' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'SerDes Toolbox' 'SerDes_Toolbox' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Signal Processing Toolbox' 'Signal_Toolbox' 'signal'
'SimBiology' 'Simbiology' 'simbio'
'SimEvents' 'SimEvents' 'simevents'
'Simscape' 'Simscape' 'simscape'
'Simscape Driveline' 'SimDriveline' 'sdl' %possibly 'simdrive'
'Simscape Electronics' 'SimElectronics' 'elec'
'Simscape Fluids' 'SimHydraulics' 'fluids'
'Simscape Multibody' 'SimMechanics' 'mech'
'Simscape Power Systems' 'Power_System_Blocks' 'sps'
'Simulink' 'SIMULINK' 'simulink'
'Simulink 3D Animation' 'Virtual_Reality_Toolbox' 'sl3d'
'Simulink Check' 'SL_Verification_Validation' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Simulink Code Inspector' 'Simulink_Code_Inspector' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Simulink Coder' 'Real-Time_Workshop' 'simulinkcoder'
'Simulink Control Design' 'Simulink_Control_Design' 'slcontrol'
'Simulink Coverage' 'Simulink_Coverage' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Simulink Design Optimization' 'Simulink_Design_Optim' 'sldo'
'Simulink Desktop Real-Time' 'Real-Time_Win_Target' 'sldrt'
'Simulink Design Verifier' 'Simulink_Design_Verifier' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Simulink PLC Coder' 'Simulink_PLC_Coder'
'Simulink Real-Time' 'XPC_Target' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Simulink Report Generator' 'SIMULINK_Report_Gen' 'rptgenext'
'Simulink Requirements' 'Simulink_Requirements' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Simulink Test' 'Simulink_Test' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'SoC Blockset' 'SoC_Blockset' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Spreadsheet Link' 'Excel_Link' 'excellink'
'Stateflow' 'Stateflow' 'stateflow'
'Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox' 'Statistics_Toolbox' 'stats'
'Symbolic Math Toolbox' 'Symbolic_Toolbox' 'symbolic'
'System Identification Toolbox' 'Identification_Toolbox' 'ident'
'System Composer' 'System_Composer' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Text Analytics Toolbox' 'Text_Analytics_Toolbox' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Trading Toolbox' 'Trading_Toolbox' 'trading'
'Vehicle Dynamics Blockset' 'Vehicle_Dynamics_Blockset' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Vehicle Network Toolbox' 'Vehicle_Network_Toolbox' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Vision HDL Toolbox' 'Vision_HDL_Toolbox' '<unknown>' %needs ver code
'Wavelet Toolbox' 'Wavelet_Toolbox' 'wavelet'
'WLAN Toolbox' 'WLAN_System_Toolbox' '<unknown>' %needs ver code

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