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sensel morph; calling C library

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Peter on 12 Mar 2019
I am trying to connect the Sensel Morph touch sensitive keypad to Matlab. The library contains the following definitions:
typedef struct
unsigned char idx; // ID of the sensor
unsigned char serial_num[64]; // Serial number of the sensor
unsigned char com_port[64]; // Com port associated with the sensor
} SenselDeviceID;
typedef struct
unsigned char num_devices; // Num of devices found
SenselDeviceID devices[SENSEL_MAX_DEVICES]; // Sensel device ID details
} SenselDeviceList;
When the compiled library is loaded into matlab, it gives the following warning:
The data type 'SenselDeviceID#16' used by structure SenselDeviceList does not exist.
'SENSEL_MAX_DEVICES' is set to be 16. if I change it to some other number then the number following the # in the warning changes with it. It is as if some process is changing ' devices' to '#'
so a) can anyone shed any light on what might be happening here?
or b) has anyone else managed to link matlab to the Sensel?


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