Bugs when using two versions of matlab on the same system

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I've been using R2015b for some time and decided to install R2018b as well to work on some code a colleague had made. Since I have lots of packages related to speedgoat etc. in my R2015b installation I decided to keep it instead of just upgrading to R2018b. When I went back to work on some rtw stuff on R2015B I noted that my default C compiler had changed from SDK 7.1 to MinGW. I have had both installed since before the update but only used SDK 7.1.
  • Is this a known issue?
  • Are there any other issues related to having two matlab installs in parallelle?
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Adam on 15 Mar 2019
I don't know/can't remember where it is defined and what is covered, but as far as I am aware some preferences for Matlab are on a user basis rather than a version basis and so would affect every version you have installed. Usually this is a good thing, I guess sometimes it is a bad thing though too.

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