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Right correlation formula to use

Asked by Carlotta Fabris on 16 Mar 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Carlotta Fabris on 25 Mar 2019
I have a 12x1 vector, and a value. I would like to find the correlation of each of the vector values with my variable. How can I do it?
I tried with corr, corrcoef, corr2 and I only got NaN, why is that?
To clarify my vector is
x = [0.0000827
and my value is y = 2.261133333.
Any suggestions?
Thank you,


Thank you for your suggestion! I will consider this, but what if I don't do the mean of my DVs? What could I do having the peaks and 250 DVs each one having 23 values between 1 and 4?
I hope I was clear, if not, ask me!
It is not clear. I'm not sure what DV is. Are the DV values the values in x? But x has only 12 continuous values, not 250. And only the fractional part seemed to be quantized into levels. And the value of x are not between 1 and 4. Please attach your data.
And I agree with the others in that it does not make sense to correlate a single value against a set of many other values - you can only correlate one set with another. Make another shot at trying to clearly explain things.
I am attaching you an Excel file with the DVs. What I talked about before was the mean I did of these DVs considering the ones I was interested in.
I have the peak values and these DVs, what I would like to understand is: is there a correlation between the peaks and the DVs? How can I calculate this correlation? If this is not possible, then what could I do?
Thank you.

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