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How Can I express(implement) precise replica when I draw a wideband ambiguity function?

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GeunHwan Kim
GeunHwan Kim on 19 Mar 2019
Commented: Ridvan Cinar on 29 Mar 2019
Hi. Everyone!
Nowadays I'm trying to draw wideband ambiguity functions for radar, sonar waveform design.
In literature, there are two types of amibiguity functions(AF). Narrwoband and Wideband.
I understand that if signal satisfies narrwoband assumption, narrowband AF could be used and its implementation is simple.
However.... Wideband AF is different I think because its replica term expressed as bellow:
I mean that how could I implement replica signal in matlab ??
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Ridvan Cinar
Ridvan Cinar on 29 Mar 2019
Hello. I am trying to make this also. I couldnt find yet. Matlab's default "matrix resize function" would be good for 'alpha' scaling factor. But I am not sure. If you cand sucseed I would be hapy to hear from you. (

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