can someone please help about NCO HDL optimized block. How to generate a simple sine wave with it. I am gettting a single straight line as output for what ever phase increment i use. can someone help how to set sampling frequency as well

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iam always getting something like this but not a sine waveScreenshot (25).png

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Bharath Venkataraman
Bharath Venkataraman on 26 Mar 2019
Edited: Bharath Venkataraman on 10 Apr 2019
Attached is a simple NCO which generates a sine wave. Phase increment is set to 4 and accumulator size is 8 bits, so you will see a full period in 2^8/4 = 64 steps.
Bharath Venkataraman
Bharath Venkataraman on 26 Aug 2019
I am able to run this model in R2018b without issues. Can you attach the model you are using and which version of MATLAB you are running?

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