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Filtering technique using CB

Asked by FIR
on 3 Aug 2012

I am working on Image Enhancement using filtering Techniques,

Step 1: Choose any n×n matrix.
Step 2: Check whether the matrix is odd or even. If even, then exit otherwise proceed to step3.
Step 3: Initialize the central pixel of the matrix equal to 1 i.e Ci=1.
Step 4: Scan from the Central pixel to all neighboring pixels by using 4-connectivity.
Step 5: Apply Newton-Raphson’s Method on step 4
Step 6: Repeat step 4 and 5 until all pixels are scanned (NOTE: Do not scan those pixels that are already
Step 7: Exit

I have completed till step 3,can u please tell how to proceed further


It is not clear, how a Newton-Raphson method could be applied to "Scan from central pixel using a 4-connectivity". Even if this would be possible, the step 6 will not perform anything new, because the steps 4 and 5 do not modify anything. In consequence the algorithm you have described must be an infinite loop.

Please, FIR, be more specific. It is a waste of time to read such general descriptions of problems, when the necessary details are missing. This is your 171th question now and it is time to consider: Too many of your questions cannot be answered due to missing details. It would be respectful to be more careful with the time of the contributors, who are trying to help you.

What does it mean for a matrix to be "odd" or "even" ?

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