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diff of order n around a point x0

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adam on 3 Aug 2012
I would like to calculate the derivative of order n of function f with respect to x aaround a point x0.
diff(f,x,x0,n) but doesn't work
Any help!!
Thank you in advance.

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Wayne King
Wayne King on 3 Aug 2012
Do you have the Symbolic Toolbox and an expression for your function?
syms t
x = cos(2*t);
y = diff(x,2)
subs(y,0) %evaluate the 2nd derivative at t=0
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adam on 3 Aug 2012
Hello, Thank you for your answer. Yes, I have the symbolic toolbox.
I would like make sum of diff(x) for exemple for order n going from 0 to 5. I tried:
{symsum(diff(x,n), n, 0, 5)}
it dipalys an error. Thank you in adavance. Good day, Aam

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