plotting surface as function of two variables

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Benjamin on 26 Mar 2019
Edited: Benjamin on 26 Mar 2019
I have a code that is a function of two variables below: How can I loop through the values of rpf and x and plot the function rdf as a surface?
I want to add something like this to my code below:
for rpf = 0:0.01:1
for x = 1:0.01:2
but how do I actually plot all this data?
close all; clear; clc;
rpf = 0:0.01:1;
x = 1:0.01:2;
function rdf = g(x,rpf)
rdf = x/((1+C(rpf)*(x-1)).^3);
function C_function = C(rpf)
B1 = 1.90322581;
B2 = 2.13209879;
B3 = -2.45289889;
C_function = (1.0+rpf*(B1+rpf*(B2+rpf*B3)))/(3.0*(1-rpf));

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