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How to get median values from N_Corr software?

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Robert  Flores
Robert Flores on 27 Mar 2019
I have recently done a DIC test and am using the N_Corr software to find the displacements and strains. I know I can get GIFs of the displacements and strains but I want to get the median value of strain from each figure. I know I can access the information about either displacements or strains by typing "handles_ncorr.data_dic.displacements.plot_v_ref_formatted" in the command window. This entry looks at the displacements of the figure in the y direction. It is important to note that I run the software on my computer and don't know how to access the data, so I don't think the code I post will be able to run for you. If you are able to help it will be much appreciated, thanks.
Data = handles_ncorr.data_dic;
Medians = zeros(8,1);
for i = 1:length(Data)
Medians(i) = median(handles_ncorr.data_dic.displacements.plot_v_ref_formatted(i))
% csvwrite('Median_Values.txt',M)


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