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Create a backup of your preferences folder

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Jan on 29 Mar 2019
Commented: Jan on 15 Apr 2019
Dear readers,
After reading e.g. Answers: Help window invisible (link) I want to suggest:
Create a backup of your prefences folder as long as it is working:
folder = prefdir;
backup = fullfile(fileparts(folder), ...
['Preferences_', datestr(now, 29), '.zip']);
zip(backup, folder)
Of course including the personal folders in a regular backup is recommended in addtion.

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Jan on 15 Apr 2019
@akile nese: It is a bad idea to publish your email address in a public forum. Please open a new thread and ask your question there.

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Jan on 29 Mar 2019
General rule: All data without a regular backup are not important.


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