Unable to Update MATLAB on Ubuntu 18.04

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Austin Cassel
Austin Cassel on 4 Apr 2019
Commented: Obed Rios on 19 Sep 2021
I am running MATLAB R2018b and noticed that update 4 is available from the notification menu. However, everytime I attempt to update, the installer states it does not have write permissions for the folder, obviously. I am unable to give update installer root permissions to update, it is not a huge problem, but the software costing $100 because I am a college student and not able to simply update is a dissapointment. UPDATE: I upgraded to Ubuntu 19.04 and am still unable to give MATLAB root access, I love the program but the community is not helpful.
Austin Cassel
Austin Cassel on 6 May 2019
I have since installed Matlab R2019a and still have the issue, I run Matlab through a launcher provided through the Ubuntu repositories. When I run the above command it returns a license error -9, I have attempted to fix it but it does not run through command line even though everything matches, host ID, username, et cetera. I essentially give-up at this point, if I need an update, I will just download it and reinstall it.

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Answers (1)

Bukoko Ikoki
Bukoko Ikoki on 19 Dec 2019
For the current version of matlab, which is R2019b, presuming installation path is default and matlab is not running, try:
cd /usr/local/MATLAB/R2019b/bin/glnxa64
and then:
sudo ./update_installer
Obed Rios
Obed Rios on 19 Sep 2021
Yes, work for me too, R2020b Update 6, Thank you!!

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