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Open CV xml file to matlab

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Tobin on 8 Aug 2012
Hi everybody,
I need to import xml file generated in OpenCv by CVfileStorage. OpenCV doesn't enable any data visualization. So I'm trying to do this in matlab, but the xml import is the problem.
I've tried xmltoolbox from file exchange, xml2struct function and both of them failed. I've been trying to tune the code to work properly. After two days effort I'm giving up and asking for help.
I need to get the never ending numbers from cell <<data>> <</data>> to vector in matlab.
Thank to all

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ComputerVision Enthusiast
ComputerVision Enthusiast on 13 Oct 2020
1) Use xmlread and process the tree yourself,
2) If tyou are using simulink and looking for a workflow to integrate simulink and openCV try

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