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A filter that varies in time - How to implement?

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Abhilash on 8 Aug 2012
Commented: Thomas on 23 Nov 2013
Hi guys,
So I need to do this experiment where I need to present a sound for 175 s, and while the sound is playing, at certain points, I need to 7 flash Gabor patches each repeated 10 times that change in orientation according to the sound.
I need to filter parts of this sound with different band-stop frequencies for 150 ms each and one particular Gabor patch is paired with a certain frequency band.
The sound will be created out of our bank of natural sounds to generate an artificial sound that has a lot of frequencies represented in it, but would still be sort of pseudo-natural.
Are there any linear time-varying filters that one could use? and if yes, how do I do it?

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Thomas on 23 Nov 2013
No one ever answers topics on LTV systems. Apparently, not much info on this. I am also trying to implement a varying filter and got really stuck.

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