splitting an audio file into 1s, for max, audio files

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I searched for splitting an audio file into smaller audio files in MATLAB, but I couldn't find a clear way to do so.
Is there any way I can follow in MATLAB to split my audio file into smaller audio files where each file does not exceed 1s???

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 12 Apr 2019
fatima - you could use audioread to read the data and then split into smaller ~1 second blocks of data. For example,
[y,Fs] = audioread(filename);
n = length(y);
for k = 1:Fs:n
audioBlock = y(k:min(k + Fs - 1, n), :);
% do something with this block
Note how we use the sampling frequency Fs (number of samples per second) to make sure that each audio block is of one second duration. We use
min(k + Fs - 1, n)
to handle the last audio block where we might not have Fs samples.
You could then use audiowrite to write the block to file. But do you really want to split the potentially large file into so many smaller ones?

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