How to subplot many figures in one large figure.?

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Yuchi Kang
Yuchi Kang on 16 Apr 2019
Commented: Yuchi Kang on 16 Apr 2019
Hi,Dear all!
I have a extended question regarding a plot. I'd like to merge many figs into one plot. Subplot doesnot meet my requirement. Here is a schematic diagram of my purpose.There are six subplots. Each subplot is divided into three parrts. 1,2,3....18 are datas imported from an excel file. Last time, I post a question about plotting a single subplot. Here is the link:
Building upon the last answer, I thought to use subplot fuction to get my figure. But it doesn't work at all. Could anybody give me any hints? Thanks.
Yuchi Kang
Yuchi Kang on 16 Apr 2019
Sorry. It doesn't meet my requirement. Please see the link in my question.

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