I want to know how i can apply k-means clustering on my scatter plotted dataset.

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I want to know that how i can apply k means clustering on the above diagram i don't know the code please help me.

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David Wilson
David Wilson on 16 Apr 2019
You probably want to use kmeans.
Since you didn't give us any data to workj with, nor did you give us any idea of the number of groups, I've deciced to make some up.
Age = randn(40,1)*5+45;
C = 2*Age+100+20*randn(40,1);
plot(Age, C,'s')
This roughly replicates your data. Now I'll divide it up into 3 groups, and plot them with different colours.
idx = kmeans([Age,C],3); % select 3 groups
cmap = parula(3);
clf; hold on
for i=1:3
k = find(idx==i);
plot(Age(k), C(k), 's', 'MarkerFaceColor',cmap(i,:));
hold off
Feel free to play with the # of expected groups.

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