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Control System Toolbox (no access to tune PID)

Asked by Pascal Enderli on 17 Apr 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Raj
on 24 Apr 2019
I have A control system toolbox licence from my company. According to this I wanted to tune a single pid controller I have added to a simulink model.
I tried a lot to achieve this:
1) in simulink: using the tuner in the PID Block settings (when double clicking the block). This is not available (missing control design toolbox)
2) open PidTuner app in Matlab: importing the plant seems impossible.
3) try to identify the plant from the simulink model first and import this identified plant to the PidTuner) (would need the system identification toolbox.)
I can not even linearize the simulink model to estimate the linear plant.
So my question is: How can I take advantage of the PidTuner in order to tune those PID parameters of my PID Controler?
As the PidTuner App is available from the control system toolbox, I heavily assume its not coupled to other licences as well.


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1 Answer

Answer by Raj
on 19 Apr 2019

Since your controller model is in SIMULINK, you need "Simulink Control Design" toolbox in addition to "Control system" toolbox. See the accepted answer here.


ok, thanks a lot for the answer! so finally my assumption:
"I heavily assume its not coupled to other licences as well." was fundamentally wrong.
on 24 Apr 2019
Glad to help.

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