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How can I extract the time column of a timetable

Asked by Antonio Melieni on 20 Apr 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Peter Perkins
on 3 May 2019
I need to extrct the time column of a timetable as I need to manipulate it.
any Ideas?


Look at the help file for timetable. You should be able to access the 1st column with the dot notation.
Following example is straight from the help file.
MeasurementTime = datetime({'2015-12-18 08:03:05';'2015-12-18 10:03:17';'2015-12-18 12:03:13'});
Temp = [37.3;39.1;42.3];
Pressure = [30.1;30.03;29.9];
WindSpeed = [13.4;6.5;7.3];
WindDirection = categorical({'NW';'N';'NW'});
TT = timetable(MeasurementTime,Temp,Pressure,WindSpeed,WindDirection)
Now reference as
>> TT.MeasurementTime
ans =
3×1 datetime array
18-Dec-2015 08:03:05
18-Dec-2015 10:03:17
18-Dec-2015 12:03:13
You could of course convert to a (normal) table, or even an array.
what I needed was array.Time;
Just for the record, David was correct, except for one subtle point: the row times in a timetable are metadata, not one of the variables. You can access them by name in exactly the same way, though.
David created his timetable with a workspace variable named MeasurementTime, whose name the timetable picked up; that's why his row times were named Measurement time. The default name is Time, though.

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1 Answer

Answer by Andrei Bobrov
on 20 Apr 2019
Edited by Andrei Bobrov
on 20 Apr 2019
 Accepted Answer

a = rand(20,6);
date1 = datetime(2019,4,19) + hours(cumsum(70*rand(20,1)));
TT = array2timetable(a,'RowTimes',date1);
date_out = TT.Time;

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