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SLRT EtherCAT Async SOE download behavior edge triggered or continuous send of data?

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I assume that the Simulink Real-Time EtherCAT Async SSC/SOE Download block is essentially edge triggered and would not keep executing even while the enable input was held high (on). However the I noticed that the blocks continue to repeat sending data while the enable signal is held on. Is this the intended behavior?
If it is the intended behavior then how do we send a value just once? If the block received a single sample time pulse then would it fully execute once even though it takes several sample times to complete the transfer?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 22 Apr 2019
The EtherCAT Async SOE download block will keep sending data as long as the enable signal is kept on. If you would like to send data just once then you can enable it with a single sample time pulse. It does take ~3 cycles for the data to be sent out but you only need to send one enable pulse to initiate the send process.


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