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edit color of colorbar scaling-factor

Asked by Thomas Ernst on 23 Apr 2019
Latest activity Answered by Thomas Ernst on 25 Apr 2019
Dear experts,
when using a colorbar in front of a dark background I wish to set the font color to white. Editing the Colorbar color propertiy does that nicely
mycolorbarhandle.Color = [1 1 1]
However, whenever the automatic scaling takes place, i.e. my colorbar "decides" not to display the value 13000 but instead the value 1.3 and a little "x10^4" text is added, this multiplier of x10^4 will always be displayed black, not in the font color I chose before. So far I have been unable to identify which handle is resposible for this "x10^4" text label.
Has anybody encountered a similar problem and has found a solution? I'd also appreciate siggestions on whre to find the handle for this text.
Thank you!

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The exponential notation changes color correctly when I try it. Try editing the color after you've made all other changes to the axes. If that doesn't help, share some reproducible code.
ch = colorbar;
ch.Color = 'r'; %change to red
190423 112204-Figure 1.jpg

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Answer by Thomas Ernst on 25 Apr 2019
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Thank you Adam, you pointed me in the right direction. :-)
Setting the right color property to white once again at the end does the trick of refreshing even the exponent color.
Turns out the program I used to generate my graphics (slover from the SPM package for neuroimaging) does not use the colorbar object at all, but instead generated a subplot axis object. Hence my exponent in question is the y-axis exponent of that object and as such does not supply a handle by MATLAB default. While the axes were created with the color set to white ( axes(...,'Ycolor',[1 1 1],...) ), the exponent will only turn white after explicitly setting the y-axis color to white once again after the figure was created and filled with data. Well...
myCbarHandle.YAxis.Color = 'w';


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