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How can I change the step of graph axes in surface plots?

Asked by Oliver Adams on 23 Apr 2019
Hi, I've been trying to produce a surface plot detailing stiffness readings at different points of different tissue samples.
Each tissue sample has a different testing resolution, i.e. for some samples there is a stiffness measurement every 3mm and other samples have a stiffness measurement every 4mm. I'm trying to find a way that adjusts the axes based on the resolution of each sample, which is designated in each .csv file in the same format
Screenshot 2019-04-23 at 16.22.34.png
So far i've tried the following code, which produces an error.
[file_name] = uigetfile('*.*','Please select the file you want to read');
data_set = csvread(file_name, 4,1);
resolution = csvread(file_name, 1,1,[1,1,2,1]);
probe_depth = csvread(file_name, 3,1,[3,1,3,1]);
sample_dimensions = size(data_set);
title('Stiffness map of tissue sample');
xlabel('x-step (mm)')
ylabel('y-step (mm)')
I appreciate this may be a simple answer and i'm missing something obvious but i'm very new to matlab so any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance, and if theres any additional info i've missed please say, thanks.


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