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how use hierarchical clustering with high score

Asked by huda nawaf on 12 Aug 2012


i want use hierarchical clusteringto cluster my data is array represents the score of similarity among each user with the other, so the array is n*n

when read about hierarchical clustering I found out that algorithm consider the least score is the most similar.

Now, how i can use this algorithm with my data in which highest score represent most similar?

thanks in advance


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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 12 Aug 2012

Have you considered clustering on (one minus your matrix) ?

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I thought with this matter, do you think that is not affect working of the algorithm that use euclidean distance to calculate the distance?

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Answer by Ilya
on 12 Aug 2012

Use linkage function with 'complete' method.

doc linkage


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