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How to make multiple hexagons and configure individual dots

Asked by han han
on 25 Apr 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Jan
on 25 Apr 2019
I want to create a cells with a number of 19 as shown in the figure and randomly configure the UE in individual cells. Then the UEs under each cell are different colors and the closer the color is to the center of the cell, the deeper the color. What should I do? Is there any sample for reference?Or can you tell me how to do multiple hexagons?
Just like a lot of hexagons pieced together into a picture, it is tightly connected. The UE is like a point on the picture and is randomly distributed.


Jan's point was that you use term that are vague or don't make sense. Remember that we don't work in your domain.
  • We have no idea what UE stands for.
  • The concept of a distance between a colour and a point makes absolutely no sense to us, so we have no idea what you mean by the closer the color is to the center of the cell. What is your mathematical definition for the distance between red and the point at (840, 240)?
  • Your definition of colour depth is also very unclear. Perhaps you're talking about saturation in the HSV colour model, or lightness in the same model, or chroma
You also haven't explained what you're starting with.
OK!!!! My expressive ability is not very good, thank you for your patience!
My problem is that I need to create an axes like the one shown on my GUI.
There are 19 hexagons in the picture. I need to randomly configure different points in all the hexagons. Like the picture, there are different color points.
Yes! Just like HSV color model!
"My problem is that I need to create an axes like the one shown on my GUI."
You can create an axes by the axes command. We do not know, what your GUI shows. Do you mean the screenshot? If so, how did you create this figure? Which details of the screen shot matter?
"There are 19 hexagons in the figure". Does this mean, that you have the positions of the corners of 19 hexagons as input? If so, in which format? As cell array, or 19x6x2 array? What does "configuring points" mean? Do you want the same number of points in each hexagon, but in a random position? Or an equally distributed set of points and determine in which hexagon they appear?
"There are different color points." Then please do not let us guess, how these colors are defined, or stored, or determined.
"Just like HSV color model" - "like"? Is it HSV or is it something else.
Again: What are your inputs and which problem do you want to solve?

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