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loading multiple .mat files from current directory

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Is there a way to load all the .mat files together into the base workspace?
files = dir('*.mat') gives a structure having details of the .mat files in the directory. But with load files(1).name (may be using a loop), I am not able to load a .mat file from the current folder to base workspace.
Any help is appreciated. Vijay

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 14 Aug 2012
evalin('base', ['load ', files(K).name])
Warning: using this method is prone to clobbering variables in the base workspace, as it does not validate the contents of the .mat file before loading.
Areej Nayab
Areej Nayab on 25 Sep 2018
can you please tell name is a key word or what
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Sep 2018
dir() returns a struct array. In current releases, that struct contains fields named
In terms of the MATLAB language, these are not considered keywords: they are just what the struct fields are named.

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