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i have a problem with use of natsortfiles function and divide my images

Asked by Elahe Karimi on 21 May 2019
Latest activity Closed by Stephen Cobeldick on 21 May 2019
I used the function given in the link below to Ordered read the images in the file.
In line 53 --->There was no error because it was a structure , but now (When i used of natsortfiles function : ) it has an error ,i think because it changed into a cell array.
To resolve this problem, I used the line 47 (structtt = cat (1, cellFileNames {:});) but the problem has not been resolved. In general, i want to read my images in folders (sorted :1,2,3,4,.....) and divide them to train and test images.
Please help me. Thank you so much

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