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how to turn off this display in the command window?

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Leon on 24 May 2019
Commented: Leon on 24 May 2019
I'm using the app-designer of Matlab to create an app. The below display keeps showing up on my command windows, slowing down my processing. I couldn't find anywhere I forgot to aded a ';' sign. Anyone has any clue?
app =
A02_QC_Tool with properties:
mainWindow: [1×1 Figure]
dicPlot: [1×1 UIAxes]
alkPlot: [1×1 UIAxes]
Map: [1×1 UIAxes]
tempPlot: [1×1 UIAxes]
salPlot: [1×1 UIAxes]
pco2Plot: [1×1 UIAxes]
phPlot: [1×1 UIAxes]
oxyPlot: [1×1 UIAxes]
silPlot: [1×1 UIAxes]


Rik on 24 May 2019
Apparently something is returning your app as an output argument to a call. Do you mean this pops up every time you start your app, or does this happen during the running of your app?
Leon on 24 May 2019
Many thanks, Rik!
I just find the reason. I have a missing ';' in the below line:
app.QCcomments.Value = ''

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