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how to turn off this display in the command window?

Asked by Leon
on 24 May 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Leon
on 24 May 2019
I'm using the app-designer of Matlab to create an app. The below display keeps showing up on my command windows, slowing down my processing. I couldn't find anywhere I forgot to aded a ';' sign. Anyone has any clue?
app =
A02_QC_Tool with properties:
mainWindow: [1×1 Figure]
dicPlot: [1×1 UIAxes]
alkPlot: [1×1 UIAxes]
Map: [1×1 UIAxes]
tempPlot: [1×1 UIAxes]
salPlot: [1×1 UIAxes]
pco2Plot: [1×1 UIAxes]
phPlot: [1×1 UIAxes]
oxyPlot: [1×1 UIAxes]
silPlot: [1×1 UIAxes]


Apparently something is returning your app as an output argument to a call. Do you mean this pops up every time you start your app, or does this happen during the running of your app?
Many thanks, Rik!
I just find the reason. I have a missing ';' in the below line:
app.QCcomments.Value = ''

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