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Could anyone help me in this homework in Matlab please ?

Asked by HAITHAM AL SATAI on 27 May 2019
1) Set a requirement for step response, like settling time, overshoot and static error of
2) Select the desired poles according to your requirements. If possible, calculate the
feedback matrix K to place the poles to the desired poles.
3) Simulate step response of the feedback system and calculate the parameters
including overshoot, settling time and static error. If the system does not satisfy the
requirement, go back to step 2).
4) Design state observer of the system. The magnitude of observer poles must be 2~5
times of system poles. Select different observer poles and compare the performance
of observers.
5) Change the dominant poles of the system and compare the performance. Analyze
the effect of dominant poles to system performance. Observe the responses of each
state variable.


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