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How to access used variables in a specific state in stateflow

Asked by Howard Zhang on 29 May 2019
Latest activity Edited by Howard Zhang on 29 May 2019
Hello Guys, I am trying to create an algorithm that requires access to variables used in individual states in a simulink chart. From the context menu, I can see that this data is accessible some how, but I can't find any resources on how to find them.
In the attached picture, the explore function can see that x, i , and mode are being used in the state count, and what type of data they are, I would like to be able to get this information with a function/script for each individual state.
Any help/ pointers would be appericiated.


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Answer by Fangjun Jiang on 29 May 2019

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Hi Fangjun I have looked at the Stateflow API, however, the Stateflow.State Objects only shows code under the LabelString field, which is just a char array. What I am looking for is a systematic listing of variables being used/modified in a particular state.

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