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Simulink to create app that will acquire images from an external camera connected to an Android phone

Asked by Harsha K on 6 Jun 2019
Latest activity Edited by Harsha K on 10 Jun 2019
I am creating a Simulink app that will be ported onto an Android phone. On demand, it shall acquire images from an external camera attached by wired cable to the android phone.
I have figured out how to grab those images when the external camera is connected to Matlab on PC using gentl drivers.
There are examples in community and official ones that show how to interface Matlab with external cameras easily. But how to port an app that has the capability of doing what Matlab does with the external camera when connected to the phone (images captured on the phone directly) without intervention of the PC?
Any suggestions please?


How do you plan on deploying your code on the Android phone? Do you generate code, and then integrate the code inside a certain app, or do you plan on using the Hardware Support Package for Android phones? I would think this package can bring you a long way already, although I have no experience with deploying on Android phones.
Hi Jonas,
Thanks for the question.
I plan on using the Hardware support SIMULINK-based package for Android phones. But, how can I actually simulate the external camera being connected to the Android phone while I am testing. As after getting a Simulink model for the problem, I need an external camera connected to the Android phone at the same time as it is connected to the PC (for code deployment purposes). How do I solve this mystery?
Note: I just edited the original post to change the word from Matlab* to the PC.

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