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For Mac OSx Matlab - BASLER GenTL Producer Drivers for USB3 cameras

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Harsha K
Harsha K on 10 Jun 2019
Edited: Harsha K on 10 Jun 2019
Hello all,
Until today, I have not come across GenTL Producer Drivers for USB3 Basler cameras comaptible with any version of Mac OSx (am operating on Mojave) operating system along with Pylon 5 (latest interface software and drivers for Basler cameras).
These are the only ones available in the mathworks database:
  1. (for Windows and Linux only)
  2. (this says it is compatible with Mac OSx but is not TRUE, or I have not found the source as yet)
  3. (this is created for an older version of Basler's Pylon interface) - so not suitable for me.
Could anyone kindly lead me to the right source?
@ anyone from Basler AG: Would you be able to answer please?


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