Can I use the Student Version of MATLAB after my course has ended?

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Can I use the Student Version of MATLAB after my university course has ended, or is that not allowed?
Many thanks, Chris
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 7 Mar 2013
Did you see Walter's answer below. It looks like it depends on if you have the Standard or One-year license. The standard license appears to cover enrollment in "a continuing education program of a degree-granting institution" as long as you're in the course.

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 26 Aug 2012
Q. For how long is my Student Version software activated?
A. Your Student Version software is activated indefinitely. However, after four years you may need to re-submit proof of student status to activate it on a new machine. After you graduate you will need to purchase a professional license.
Q. What are the acceptable uses for the Student Version?
A. MATLAB and Simulink Student Version can be used for course work as long as you are enrolled at a degree-granting institution, including continuing education courses. Use in professional research conducted at universities and commercial use of Student Version software is strictly prohibited.
And then, from the Terms of Use (accessible from the help documentation)
5. LICENSE TERM. The Student License may be acquired (as available) in one of two, separate term lengths, either the Standard Student License Term (for the standard Student Version License) or the One-Year Student License Term (for the Student Version One-Year License). Licensees of the Standard Student License Term agree that their Student License expires automatically immediately after the duration of Licensee's enrollment in a degree-granting institution or participation in a continuing education program of a degree-granting institution. Licensees of the One-Year Student License Term agree that their Student License expires automatically after one year, as measured from the date the Student License is first activated.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Mar 2020
There are more than one kind of student licences. The licence you purchase through the online store is a perpetual licence valid during times you are enrolled. There are also MOOC (Massive Online Courses) licenses that are term limited. Historically, Student licences were also available for 4 months or 1 year terms; these were typically purchased at campus bookstores.
However, what you are probably looking at is not the date your license expires. What you are probably looking at is the date your Software Maintenance Service expires. Until that date you are entitled to free updates to new releases. You are probably entitled to r2020b and possibly r2021a as well depending on exactly you purchased and exactly when they release it. But to upgrade to releases after that you would need to renew your subscription. If you do not renew your subscription then you would still be entitled to use the versions you have: the subscription is about getting newer releases.

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Basim Khan
Basim Khan on 18 Nov 2016
i am not sure how long is my license for? although I am a student of a university so, how can I check the duration of the licnse
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Nov 2016
If you did not buy the term or one-year license then your license is valid indefinitely, during all times that you are a student at a degree-granting institution.
But to check you can visit and click on your license. Look in the center towards the top for the word 'Term:'. If it says something like 'Annual' then your license expires in time. If it says 'Perpetual' then it does not expire. To check further, click on "Install and Activate" from that page, and look on the right hand side under the heading "Related Tasks" where the expiration date will be explicitly listed if applicable.

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Aung Bo Naing
Aung Bo Naing on 17 Sep 2020
Can I renew my perpectual student license? I was graduated in 2013, now attending an MOOC course so want to renew my student perpectual license since the old version is not compatible with my new laptop anymore.
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Prameth Gaddale
Prameth Gaddale on 21 Oct 2020

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