How can I force legend not to overlap the graph?

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GIorgi Tsutskiridze
GIorgi Tsutskiridze on 17 Jun 2019
Commented: Olivia Plunkett on 7 Nov 2020
I am trying to save figure from .fig to png format but the legend changes its place.
The .fig file that I am trying to save .png from is attached to the post. On my screen it looks like the following (produced using snipping tool on windows).
For forum.PNG
So, I want to save png exactly in the same form as it appears here on the screen. For this I click on File>Save As>Choose png format and save but it results in the following picture.png
As you clearly see, legened is overlapped. Also the resolution of the picture is 768x576 which is almost quadratic. I want it to be more like a perpenndicular (wider as it is above produced using snipping tool)
Can anyone help me resolve this problem?

Answers (2)

Ruger28 on 17 Jun 2019
This will shift the legend outside of the graph. you can try
legend(legendNames,'Location','best') % or best outside
for a different view.
Olivia Plunkett
Olivia Plunkett on 7 Nov 2020
The default legend placement obscured part of my graph, but this fixed the problem. Thanks!

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Abdulaziz Milhem
Abdulaziz Milhem on 17 Apr 2020
you can use the following:
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 Apr 2020
It would be a bit more complicated than that. The original poster shows four or more axes, and legends are associated with axes (but are not children of axes). It would be necessary to find the legend object. Possibly
fig = openfig('figurename.fig');
legobjs = findall(fig, 'type', 'legend');
for K = 1 : length(legobjs) %loop in case there are several
legobjs(K).Location = 'best';
However in my brief test, "best" turned out to be right on top of a line, whereas northwest inside would have been fine in my test. So it might be necessary to tweak the "best"

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