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How could I find the heading angle here please?

Asked by HAITHAM AL SATAI on 18 Jun 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Raj
on 18 Jun 2019


What have you done so far? What specific problems are you having with your code?
@ James Tursa Through my reading this I have found the formulla about how to find the angel, but I have just the east speed and I don't know how to find north speed until to complete the formulla.
I think since the question clearly states that aircraft is flying in the east direction, there is no 'North Speed'. However, remember that the aircraft compass indicates Magnetic north NOT true north. So basically all you have to do is compute the magnetic declination angle based on given latitude and longitude information. (Declination+90Deg) should be your compass reading.
@ James Tursa What do you think?

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