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Trouble opening an app created in app designer 2018 with Matlab version 2019a

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Enzo Brunetti
Enzo Brunetti on 18 Jun 2019
Answered: Ijab Zhan on 19 Jun 2019
Hello community,
I made a GUI in app designer 2018. Now, after updating to 2019a and trying to open my app, I received the message "undefined function 'appdesigner.internal.componentcontroller.DesignTimeController' for input argument of type 'matlab.ui.control.Label'.
I received a similar message trying to open another app created with 2018 Matlab version.
The great problem is that I cannot edit the code to try to solve the problem, because it doesn't open.
Any suggestion?
Thank you in advance,

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Ijab Zhan
Ijab Zhan on 19 Jun 2019
Could you run 'rehash toolboxcache' in your MATLAB Command Window, and then run App Designer to open the app to see if this solves your problem?
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Enzo Brunetti
Enzo Brunetti on 19 Jun 2019
Hi Ijab,
thank you for your response. I tried to reopen the app after running 'rehash toolboxcache', but the problem persist.
Any other suggestion?
Thank you very much

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Ijab Zhan
Ijab Zhan on 19 Jun 2019
Hi Enzo,
That's interesting.
Can you create any new app in R2019a, save and open it?
If you still have 18b, could you try to create another new app and then open it in R2019a?
If not, would you mind sending us the app for further investigation?

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