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event listener works on simulation but won't work on RTW

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Eyad on 28 Aug 2012
Hi I'm trying to make a GUI to control a model on a RTW ,I made the GUI with GUIDE and set the strartfcn of the model to "localAddEventListener" , the model and GUI works perfectly on simulation but when I build it on XPC target box and try to press connect it gives me an error saying that it can't find the function "localAddEventListener" can you please help me with that
Eyad on 2 Sep 2012
I removed the function "localAddEventListener" from the callback of the model's startfcn and added it through the GUI after building and connecting the model to the XPC ,the simulation worked perfectly , but when i tried to run it on the XPC it didn't show an error but no data was displayed , as you said the event listeners probably weren't invoked on the XPC, what do you think caused that ? and how do I solve it ?

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