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How to skip lines of Data in a middle of a text file

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I am trying to analyze a textfile and skip the three lines in the textfile that begin with the character I, V, or D and only read the lines that begin with R. The I,V,D lines are random throughout the document but always appear sequentially. Basically, i want the code to restart after finishing with the last line of data that begins with an R and restart once it sees the next data line that begins with an I. This is my code so far, that will skip the first I,V,D lines that it sees and read and manipulate the R lines but then it stops. Also attached in example of the data
syms X Y z
fid = fopen('extractcdb.txt','r');
count =0;
chr= ('I''V''D''R');
tf= ischar(chr);
for chr = ('I''V''D')
tline = fgets(fid);
for chr= ('R')
tline = fgets(fid);
A = textscan(fid, '%*s %*s %*s %*f %*f %*d %*f %*d %*d %d %*d','Delimiter',',');
Ad = cell2mat(A);
B = [diff(Ad)]*1.2;
B =[zeros(length(Ad) - length(B),1);B];
for i = 1
z = 1:708
C = cumsum(B(i+z)) + Ad(i)

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 26 Jun 2019
Try this:
fidi = fopen('extractcdb.txt','rt');
k1 = 1;
while ~feof(fidi)
for k2 = 1:3
StepInfo{k1,k2} = fgetl(fidi) % ‘Step Information’ Section Header Lines Cell Array
C = textscan(fidi, ['R' repmat('%f',1,10)], 'Delimiter',',', 'CollectOutput',true);
M = cell2mat(C);
if isempty(M) % Empty Matrix Indicates End-Of-File In Case Of Missing ‘End-Of-File’ Indicator
D{k1,:} = M; % Section Matrices
fseek(fidi, 0, 0);
k1 = k1 + 1;
Out = cell2mat(D); % Optional, You May Want To Keep The Segments Separate
This produces ‘D’ as:
D =
4×1 cell array
{712×10 double}
{712×10 double}
{866×10 double}
{854×10 double}
and ‘StepInfo’ as a (5x3) cell array of the section header lines in the event that you need that information.

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