error using createMask on imellipse object

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Brunno Machado de Campos
Brunno Machado de Campos on 28 Jun 2019
I created a circle (using imellipse) over a plot (imagesc, uint16 matrix).
the code is:
Circ81 = imellipseimellipse(handles.sub1,[(handles.sub1.XLim(2)/2)-r1 handles.sub1.YLim(2)/2-r1 2*r1 2*r1]);
setColor(Circ81,[1 0 0])
Posi = getPosition(Circ81);
ddW81 = createMask(Circ81);
I use this kind of code several times, no problems. For a particular imagesc plot I am getting the following erro:
Error using poly2mask
Expected input number 1, X, to be one of these types: double
Instead its type was single.
Error in poly2mask (line 38)
Error in imroi/createMask (line 261)
BW = poly2mask(roix,roiy,m,n);
Error in ACR_test_bmdc>Roi81f (line 6575)
ddW81 = createMask(Circ81);
Error while evaluating UIControl Callback.
I noticed that the BW = poly2mask(roix,roiy,m,n); roix and roiy inside the imroi.m function are indeed single precision, as the error says and a simple double(roix) solves the problem. However, I am not happy to modify an original Matlab function (a read only one) without understanding of what is happening.
Thank you!

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