How to make LEGEND adapt when a plot is zoomed?

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I have quite a 'busy' plot with potentially up to 50 or more curves on it. I made a (large :-) legend box that allows the user to identify which curve is which.
The 'problem' is that when zooming into this figure, many of the curves become invisible. However, the number of items in the legend box does not adapt. Is it possible to show the label in the legend box only for these lines that are actually visible, or turn off labels for those lines that have become invisible because of the zooming? This would greatly enhance the clarity of the plot.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Jun 2019
If all x is less than plot lower x or all x is greater than plot upper x or likewise for y, then the object is off screen.
There is no built-in for this, you will need to iterate over all of the graphics objects in your zoom callback.
Be careful not to test for
all(x in range) and all(y in range)
If you do that then you incorrectly exclude objects that cross from side to side.

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