Plotting path on torus

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noNickame on 1 Jul 2019
Answered: darova on 1 Jul 2019
Hy everyone!
I'm quite new at Matlab and so I try to get a little bit familiar with plots.
Due to this I already managed to create a 3D surface plot of a torus and an plot3 - Plot of a helix.
Now my next goal is to produce a plot where I visualize some kind of path on my torus (I'm not sure, whether "geodesic on a torus" is the correct name), which finally should look a little bit like a toroidal coil with a copper winding on it.
This is my parametrization for the torus:
x = ( (a+b)/2 + (b-a)/2 .*cos(theta) ) .*cos(phi)
y = ( (a+b)/2 + (b-a)/2 .*cos(theta) ) .*sin(phi)
z = (b-a)/2 .* sin(theta)
Unfortunatelly my tries failed, so I would be glad if some on you can help me!
Thanks in advance!

Answers (1)

darova on 1 Jul 2019
Take a closer look on formulas

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