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Issue for TI c2000 package in Matlab2017a?

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A simplest demo (led001_error.slx) is as follow:
The GPIO68 corresponds to a LED in my board, so, under the ideal situation, the LED should blink at frequency of 1Hz as the time step is 0.5s, .
However, the LED actually keeps off after the model is downloaded.
In the genearted codes, I found the reason: in model step function (in led001_error.c as follow), nothing is executed.
/* Model step fucntion */
void led001_error_step(void)
/* (no output/update code required) */
But, if I alter the parameter of `Default parameter behavior` in `Code Generation/Optimization` from "Inlined" to "tunable".
As a result, the model works fine (the LED blinks and the step function is as follow).
/* Model step fucntion */
void led001_error_step(void)
/* (no output/update code required) */
GpioDataRegs.GPCTOGGLE.bit.GPIO68 = (1.0 != 0);
As far as I know, the `Default parameter behavior` parameter only alter properties of some varibles in the model, and should not affect the code generation and the program's execution in this way. So it is a bug of Ti support package or I missed something?
Matlab2017a CCSv6


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Venkatesh Chilapur
Venkatesh Chilapur on 2 Jul 2019
Please can you specify sample time for constant block to -1 and try.
In that case the block inherits the model step time and the code will be generated in step function.
Venkatesh C

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Qing Liu
Qing Liu on 2 Jul 2019
Thanks for your replay, Venkatesh C.
Your method works. The default sample time of the constant is `inf` and the model is back to normal after changing it to '-1'.
An additional question: This model also works fine in Matlab2019a, with the sample time being `inf` and default parameter behavior being `inlined`, is it the reason that there something inside Simulink changes?

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