how can I print some numbers in ascending order?

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a= input('please enter a number:');
b= input('enter second number:');
c= input('enter number:');
I do not know how to print some numbers that user enter in ascending order.
Rahma Sabbah
Rahma Sabbah on 2 Jul 2019
I have a limit to 3 numbers
I am allowed to use for, if and while functions

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Answers (2)

Kaustav Bhattacharya
Kaustav Bhattacharya on 2 Jul 2019
You have a, b, c. If you can use >,< then the following implemention can be used.
max = (a>b)*a + (a<b)*b
max = (max>c)*max + (max<c)*c
min = (a>b)*b + (a<b)*a
min = (min>c)*c + (min<c)*min
mid = (max~=a & min~=a)*a + (max~=b & min~=b)*b + (max~=c & min~=c)*c

Luna on 2 Jul 2019


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