How to adjust Grid limits

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Juan Rosado
Juan Rosado on 30 Aug 2012
Answered: mouihbi chaker on 26 Oct 2013
I am trying to match each point in the x axis with the y axis.
I am proceding the following way:
t = datenum(now):.5:datenum(now)+ 6
x = sin(t)
grid on
I want to keep the grid lines and add other grid lines highlighted with different colors marking the corresponding x value and y value in the graph.
Can you please help?

Answers (3)

Alex on 30 Aug 2012
You need to play with the XTick and YTick axes properties.
set(hFig, 'XTick', [1 10 20 ....])

mouihbi chaker
mouihbi chaker on 21 Oct 2013
Can you help me to place nodes (points) in an orderly manner and regularly spaced rows and columns oubien in each square of the grid please
mouihbi chaker
mouihbi chaker on 25 Oct 2013
I want to place 4 nodes in each square ?! thanx

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mouihbi chaker
mouihbi chaker on 26 Oct 2013
I work with the LEACH routing protocol in a network of sensor I want implemented nodes with the model grid who can help me please


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