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[Moist air chamber] Can the air inlet act as outlets?

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I'm trying to model a cooling tower, where you have 1 air inlet and one outlet. To do so I am using the constant volume chamber, which can have 2 inlets. However, the flowmeter at the exit (right side of the image) is not registering a value of zero and the pressure inside the tank rises, which leads me to believe that there is no outgoing flow.
Is there any way to make one of the inlets act as an outlet, or even a better way to model a cooling tower with the available simscape resources? I have also tried to use the moist air pipe model but to no avail.
Thanks in advance for any help

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Erin McGarrity
Erin McGarrity on 4 Jun 2021
Hi Diogo,
You are correct, there is no flow. This is because the Pressure & Temperature Sensor (MA) is blocking the flow. This should be hooked to an Absolute Reference (MA) block as shown below to measure the output temperature from the chamber. I have attached an image of the correct model topolgy.


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